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Vernon County Energy District Partners in Green Transportation Initiative

May 29, 2024 - The North Crawford School District is thrilled to announce it has been awarded a grant to purchase two electric school buses! This exciting development is a major step forward in reducing the district's environmental impact and providing a cleaner, healthier ride for students.

The grant funding comes from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and recognizes the district's commitment to sustainable practices. North Crawford was awarded $690,000 to be applied to the purchase of 2 new electric school buses. The Vernon County Energy District played a key role in supporting North Crawford's application.

Electric buses offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced emissions for cleaner air

  • Quieter operation for a more peaceful ride

  • Lower operating costs for the school district

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Because energy is a shared resource, organized through utilities, we own resources in common.  Participation in our electric utilities, whether municipal, cooperative, or investor-owned  actively moves us towards a carbon-free energy future.

Electrify | Decarbonize

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Energy Planning

Our individual decisions also impact the energy mix served to us, through public utilities.  Energy Planning guides assessments and  implementation of electrification and decarbonization through locally owned renewable energy. 

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Public Education

We are our own best teachers.  When we share our experiences and teach others what we've learned, together we can transform our shared energy resources.  Public Education engages energy users and activates youth to drive our vision of electrification and decarbonization.

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VCED Flywheel of Change

These are the elements that drive change.

Our Energy District will harness the power of people acting in common to electrify everything and decarbonize.

In Vernon County, we have action teams that integrate Leadership, Community Action, Technology and Financial tools for any of us to take Leadership.

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ELECTRIFY to transform our energy ecosystem.  It is the only means to phase out fossil fuels, DECARBONIZE.

Only electricity can be made without fossil fuels.

Fossil energy resources from methane “natural” gas, coal, and oil, all of which are burned creating excess carbon in our atmosphere, will be phased out.  

Electricity that comes from sunshine, wind, geothermal and hydro, coupled with storage capacity, is the simplest, safest, most equitable and least costly path to power our lives.


LOCALLY OWNED and PRODUCED electricity gives us the power of self-reliance and cost control.  

It's a transformation of ownership as much as a resource. Many of us are waking up to a new kind of freedom. When we invest in our own generation resources, as coop members or public utility customers, we are free from fossil fuel costs.  

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