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Pre-Assessment Questionnaire Today!

Step 1: Complete the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire. Receive a free Emporía Smart Plug (value of $9.99) just for completing the questionnaire.

Step 2: Our Energy Assessment Specialists will review your information and reach out to discuss your results, schedule an in-home assessment (if necessary), and discuss your energy savings goals. 

Step 3: VCED will provide support on financing, tax credits, and incentives that you may help you access your own home solar energy system, electric vehicles, more efficient appliances and HVCAC systems, and more.

If you are a Vernon County resident, VCED will work with you to set up your Emporía Energy Monitor for no cost (retail value of $149.99). 

Step 4: Have fun tracking your energy use, saving money, and helping us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. 

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FREE Energy Monitor

The Vernon County Energy District is sponsoring an energy assessment program to support increased energy efficiency, decarbonization, and electrification in Vernon County.


Assessments will provide:

  • Detailed information on energy usage and costs in your home

  • Sources of energy waste in your home

  • Your energy goals

  • A comprehensive plan for gaining increased energy efficiency in your home

The Pre-Energy Assessment Questionnaire will help us to learn about how you manage your energy usage and better understand what kind of technologies are being used county-wide. 


If you are open to providing your contact information, our Energy Assessment Specialist team will utilize the information you provide to create a report that offers an overview of your current energy use, potential updates available, and cost-saving opportunities you may qualify for. They will work together with you to set short- and long-term energy goals. 


The procedure involves filling an online or paper survey that will take approximately 15 minutes. The survey is divided into several sections including: home, transportation, outdoor equipment, energy sources, and demographics. Based on the information provided and your interest, the VCED Energy Assessment Specialist will reach out to schedule an in-home energy assessment and/or provide a detailed assessment of your energy and cost-saving needs and opportunities. 

Information that you provide will be kept confidential. The results of this survey will be used for your energy assessment as well as aggregated for county-wide energy planning.

VCED Energy Assessments

Don't miss out!

An Energy Innovation Grant from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission is providing funds to carry out energy assessments for homeowners, businesses, municipalities, schools, and organizations in the county.

Vernon County homeowners can qualify for this free assessment regardless of income and receive a free energy monitoring smart plug for completing an online pre-assessment survey 

or you may complete the survey via phone by calling: Kaila Wilson, Program Director, Vernon County Energy District at 608-638-6038.