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Action Teams!

VCED currently has three action teams that focus on the core areas of our work: participation, planning, and education. 

Participation Action Team

This Action Team works at the level of utility decisions. They provide direct communications with public utilities, the Public Service Commission (PSC), community leaders, and state legislators to support the transition to electrification and decarbonization in Vernon County. 

The Team is currently working on the following projects: 

  • Meeting with electric co-op board supervisors and members from the three local electric cooperatives (Vernon Electric, Scenic Rivers, and Richland Electric) to introduce VCED and how we believe we need to electrify and decarbonize as soon as possible. 


Energy Planning Action Team

This Action Team is what we refer to as our "Energy Advisors." They work with households, businesses, organizations, municipalities, and schools in Vernon County to provide energy assessments, provide necessary training and knowledge exchange, and encourage locally-owned and produced solar projects, increased efficiency, and electrification of our communities. 

The Team is currently working on the following projects: 

  • Collecting and analyzing data collected throughout Vernon County to support the development of a Vernon County Energy Plan. 

  • Creating informational materials to share with community members on what decarbonization and electrification look like in Vernon County. 

  • Developing the VCED Energy Assessment Program and helping households to better understand their energy use and move towards more energy efficiency, decarbonization, and electrification. 


Public Education Action Team

This Action Team develops educational opportunities for community members to learn more about the services available through VCED and how our individual and collective energy use can better support the transition to decarbonization and electrification of our energy system. 

The Team is currently working on the following projects: 

  • They are visiting schools and youth groups to provide interactive educational activities and programming around energy, sustainability, and the trades.

  • Developing and organizing the RURAL RE-CHARGE speaker and discussion series. 

  • Writing the first-ever VCED quarterly newsletter.

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