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Low Cost Ways to Save Energy

Add shrink film (window insulation kit) to windows during the winter months

Avoid raising the setpoint to higher than normal when you turn on your heat

It won’t heat your home any faster and could result in high energy costs if you forget to lower it back to its normal temperature setpoint.

Only burn dry hardwood in your wood stove

Keep your wood stove flue clear of debris

Use foam gaskets on switch plates and outlets

Use foam insulating gaskets behind light switch and wall outlet covers, on exterior walls

Change your furnace or heat pump air filter every three months

Lower heating temperature setpoint at night and when away from house

  • A programmable thermostat is best for this. If your current thermostat is not programmable, upgrading to a programmable thermostat is easy and relatively cheap.

  • The “ideal” sleeping temperature is 60-67 °F, so lowering the heat setting may improve your sleep quality.

  • Substantially lowering the setpoint may not be possible with heat pumps or in-floor heating, as those systems may not have sufficient capacity to bring the temperature back up quickly.

Close off unused rooms

In addition to closing the doors, also consider closing off the vents to those unused rooms.

  • Watch for freezing pipes, though.

Open the window blinds on sunny winter days, close the blinds at night

Every one of these tips can be done for less than $200.

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